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A day or so later, Mother had to pull the stocking out of the back end of the dog, an exercise that neither enjoyed, but was fortunately not repeated. I'm helping a couple of my friends set up single-domain Web hosting accounts, and while researching options I looked closely at the details of hosting plans offered at several hosting services.The one I generally recommend to nontechnical people is Go Daddy, which was founded by a former PC Techniques advertiser and actually took over about half of the Coriolis office space when Coriolis closed its doors in 2002.(One mistake I made in designing this house is not putting a CAT5E outlet in the TV niche.Damn.) I need to do some more research, but once I get my new X41 Convertible, I will try Hamachi out as a VPN solution, and I'll report back in this space.The friend produces it from his escritoire, [briefcase] and is in the act of reaching it to the diddler, when up jumps the diddler's dog and devours it forthwith.

In a bare bones hosting plan there's not a great deal of difference between the two.I struggled to get install and get Mambo working on my hosting service (and then removed it because I didn't like it) and I suspect that nontechnical people shouldn't even try. Keep that in mind as your own Web hosting plans approach expiration. I stumbled across the Hamachi project earlier today, while looking at Steve Gibson's very useful Web site.Hamachi is a free, secure peer-to-peer VPN (Virtual Private Network) system that (at least as I read it) allows you to connect your PCs or laptops to others over the Internet without worrying about eavesdroppers.Two hours left in the year, and as I say each December 31 as the clock winds down, Rest in peace, but yeah, bring it on!We are creatures who live in time, so trying to hang onto a day, a year, or a decade is like trying not to eat—and there's no future in that.

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