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From the waist until the hem, the outfit has a parallel cut.

This form suits those body types that are on the slim side.

Below given are some of the most popular types of lehenga cholis that you will come across: You must have seen mermaids in animation.

Just as the lower body of a mermaid has impressive curvatures, the lehenga also has similar curves.

You will find these outfits in traditional colors like sunflower yellows, rose reds, sky blues, sea greens, etc.

For this reason, in the market, there is always a high demand of designer attire.

It is always a wise consideration to know one’s body type before making a purchase, as it allows informed decision-making.

Its best feature is that you will find it in a host of designs and kinds.

Embellishments used in these garments vary from being rich to austere.

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