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If using a Windows PC, and Internet Explorer says that it is working offline, click File then uncheck Work Offline (press Alt once to make the Menu Bar appear in IE7).

If you still cannot connect, then restart your computer and retry.

If using a Mac, put it to sleep, wait 20 seconds, then bring it out of sleep and retry.

If using a Windows PC, first try to Repair the connection or use Diagnose in Internet Explorer Version 7.

Information about default settings is publicly available by web search.

If you cannot see ANY wireless networks, then check that your wireless network adapter is working (e.g.

Firmware may be incompatible with some VPN or gaming applications. BEFCMUH4, uses settings as above OR default Linksys settings.

Newer routers are usually a re-branded Netgear WGR614v8 or 'v9 using Netgear retail firmware: Username = admin Password = password Default gateway address = Default SSID = "NETGEAR" Wireless is supposedly turned off by default, so you may find you have to connect using a wire to configure the router.

Then disable and re-enable the connection before retrying (Network and Sharing Center / Manage Network Connections) - In OSX the profiles are saved under System Preferences / Network settings for Airport - If using Dell, Intel, Linksys, Netgear, SMC or other software to manage your wireless connection on Windows XP or earlier, you may need to reconnect and manually save the required profile.

Try shutting down the computer and removing the A/C power cord AND the battery pack if present, then retry on A/C power.

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