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At the same time, there is growing competition from other countries around the world that are eager to make their own mark as innovators.It’s time for our country to prosper from the hard work and ingenuity of Canadians.Budget 2017 comes at a time of tremendous change and opportunity.All around the world, people are embracing innovation and the opportunities it brings—opportunities to rethink everything from how we manage the demands of work, to how we build our cities, to how we grow our economy. For the past 150 years, Canada has tapped into the creativity and ingenuity of its people to solve problems.Better Supporting Canadian Innovators Canada is home to many small businesses and innovative start-ups, and is recognized internationally as a good place to invest.At the same time, too many Canadian companies believe that in order to grow, they must relocate outside of Canada.

[Chart 1.1 - Text version] To ensure that the Innovation and Skills Plan would meet the real needs of Canadian workers and businesses, the Government undertook broad consultations, and heard from more than 100,000 Canadians, including industry leaders, academics, Indigenous leaders and other orders of government.To make the most of these opportunities, and to offer reassurance and real help to those who worry about being left behind, we need to equip Canada’s current and future workers with the tools they will need to succeed in the new economy.That includes making sure that every Canadian can get the training they need to find and keep good, well-paying jobs.As a result, Canadian discoveries and innovations often find greater success—and create good, well-paying jobs—in other countries.To better support job growth in Canada, the Innovation and Skills Plan must encourage greater business investment in research and help bridge the commercialization gap.

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