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Being a single parent myself I know, this is why I decided to spend time log-in on to dating sites, but my assumptions soon became apparent, this being that people tend to look down slightly, on single parents, or don't fully understand that you cant drop everything, just to go shopping, or down the pub.

As many of my friends are also single parents too, they all think the same as I did, that people don't seem or want to be interested in them once they have told someone they have children.

Well good luck, I hope you found this to be helpful.

I've created this brand new single parent website, for people like us, "single parents", the site has many features including, live video chat, quizzes, blogs, music and picture uploads.

But saying this, a lot of woman/men know that single parents, are usually more caring, more sincere, gentle, etc.

Being a single person with children it has been difficult to find someone special.They would better understand the demands and complications that factor into a relationship when children are involved.(even better if they have kids at the same age group as yours).The main advantages of online dating, is that you can build up a slow relationship, with someone, 24hrs a day.Furthermore you can select the type of person that you would like to meet. If your children are old enough to understand, do tell them that you are dating.

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