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She will implement it with the help of the beautiful Giusy, who tries to seduce Nino not without difficulty.Two couples meet at a spa when they realize their respective suites share a bathroom.The findings are presented in a new book, entitled ‘i Gen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means for the Rest of Us’.The book brings together surveys of 11 million young people as well as in-depth interviews.‘Teens are spending an enormous amount of time, primarily on their smart phones and communicating with their friends electronically,’ Twenge told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.‘What that’s meant is they are spending less time interacting with their friends in person, hanging out with their friends.’Another effect is that sexual activity is declining too.Joe is there with his wife Fay so he can relax from his work and recover his stamina for Fay's sexual ...See full summary » A writer named Emilio meets in a theater foyer of a sudden and mysterious girl, Giulia, and the two begin dating.

Although other extended stories are not told about him, his tradition is rich in poetic themes and visual scenarios, such as "Love conquers all" and the retaliatory punishment or torture of Cupid.

The youngsters surveyed had more conservative views on gay marriage, transgender rights and drugs than Baby Boomers, Generation X or Millennials.

The questioned were more prudent than Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers but not quite as cash-savvy as those born in 1945 or before.

See full summary » Luigi is engaged to Cinzia, he has a good job and his life runs quietly.

But unexpectedly his cousin Sonia knocks at his door.

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Love’s young dream is dying out, according to new research. She found that the effect of this is phenomenon is that the dating scene is dwindling.

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