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It is considered one of the most beautiful for the craftsmanship of the decorations.

Florence, with its numerous artists, thinkers, writers, and scientists benefited materially and spiritually from the social change and became one of the most important Renaissance centers of world culture. When you walk the streets of the historic center, it is almost if the chance exists to see Michelangelo as he is sculpting the David.

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Or watch Leonardo da Vinci testing his devices, see Brunelleschi checking on the construction of the dome, the poet Dante writing his memoirs about the life of the Tuscans, Botticelli painting La Primavera and many other great artists going about their business.

Piazza della Signoria is the heart of Florence is, with the majestic Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous and most visited art museums in the world.

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The most notable are the International Handicrafts Fair, Pitti Immagine, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and Historical Soccer, which takes place in June on Piazza Santa Croce.

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