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He also wants her to cover all court and lawyer fees for this.Of course, Keshia recently called out Ed, claiming he's behind on child support payments. Fed up with the media, Tigger announced his affair with Keshia.His girlfriend Keshia is a renowned black model who started her career in 2002. In the year 2012, news regarding their engagement went viral, and the couple had to post a picture via Twitter to deny the rumors. Standing tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches, Tigger has a good personality and physique.Follow @wellshwood Ever since seeing my first image of the Matterhorn when I was eight or nine I’ve wanted to stand in its shadow and just go “whoa.” So yesterday the guys and I drove the wrong way (i.e., four hours over winding mountain roads) from Lauterbrunnen to Zermatt, the affluent ski town that lies at the base of it. Because of an innocent mistake I almost got slammed with a 350 Swiss franc traffic ticket — thank God I was able to talk my way out of it.

His fortune changed after getting an internship at Washington radio station, WPGC.The couple split last July after just seven months of marriage.Pulliam also claimed in the papers that Hartwell is not fit to parent their infant daughter because she has seen him taking the powerful painkiller Oxy Contin.She added that he admitted during testimony in a lawsuit with the NFL that he suffers from severe physical and mental problems and needs drugs to alleviate them.Pulliam is asking for the court to appoint a guardian to evaluate his parental fitness.

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