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Despite the fact that there was never another "Breslov Rebbe" to fill his place, the mystery and depth of his teachings continue to attract students today, and Breslover Chassidism is one of the largest of Chassidic groups."Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman"The Na Nach Nachma phrase was revealed and taught by Rabbi Yisroel Ber Odesser, a controversial Breslov figure.

He was among the first Breslover Hasidim in Israel.

One's goal should be to attain knowledge of general principles.

In its very nature each general principle includes many details, so that when a person grasps a general principle, he automatically grasps a large number of details.

Towards that end, the Rebbe instructed his main disciple, Reb Noson, to extract the practical advice contained in each of his lessons and present it in an abridged format.

Sure, it passed through a few hands, has been redacted and edited, but that is the way with all early Chasidic masters.

This was still primarily an oral culture, and often the best material was presented at a Sabbath tish, when taking notes is prohibited.

Rabbi Nachman also wrote thirteen "Tales" - mythical stories of kings and wizards based upon Kabbalistic thought and capturing the essence of Rabbi Nachman's teachings.

Rabbi Nachman died of Tuberculoses at the age of 38.

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