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I believe in equality.”) Some of the equivocation is no doubt caused by Beyoncé’s slick, pop-princess brand.It is difficult to square the singer’s mainstream packaging with subversion of conventional and sexist views of gender.At the very least, make sure you understand exactly what to expect—and don’t rush a commitment with a single mom.If entertainment domination is the litmus test, then all hail Queen Bey. She who, in the last few months alone, whipped her golden lace-front and shook her booty fiercely enough to zap the power in the Superdome (electrical relay device, bah!

(Beyoncé recently told that though the word “can be extreme…I guess I am a modern-day feminist.

I know, you think she’s the one, but which head are you thinking with?

Probably the same one her baby daddy was thinking with too.

); produced, directed, and starred in , HBO’s most-watched documentary in nearly a decade; and launched the Mrs. Beyoncé’s success would seem to offer many reasons for feminists to cheer.

The performer has enjoyed record-breaking career success and has taken control of a multimillion-dollar empire in a male-run industry, while being frank about gender inequities and the sacrifices required of women.

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She employs an all-woman band of ace musicians—the Sugar Mamas—that she formed to give girls more musical role models.

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