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Conservative backbencher Philip Davies told Mrs May: 'She said there had been give and take in this negotiation and she is absolutely right - we are giving the EU tens of billions of pounds and they are taking it.'The PM insisted the government was taking 'responsibility' and insisted the taxpayer would soon see 'significant savings' that could be pumped into key public services.She also made clear the payment would be 'off the table' if a trade agreement with the EU was not reached The clashes came as Mrs May was forced to move to appease anger in Dublin after David Davis played down the effect of the painstakingly-assembled deal and suggested it would not be 'legally enforceable'.In theory, the more distance Britain seeks, the more restrictive its trade deal could be.The Cabinet's crunch meeting is next Tuesday – expect Remainers to call for less divergence and Brexiteers for more freedom.

Amid fears that the deal has already tied us into 'soft' Brexit, Mrs May told the House that powers over 'borders, money and laws' would be reclaimed.

David Davis said it meant Britain will meet the same 'outcomes' – but not do it 'by just copying what the EU does'.

Brexiteers warn it would be a disaster to tie Britain too closely to the EU's rules.

The missive is a follow-up to one sent by the Prime Minister in October when she told the 3.3million Europeans living in Britain they would be allowed to stay regardless of the outcome of talks.

The letter was released as Mrs May was grilled by MPs on the terms of her divorce deal in a marathon session at the Commons Despatch Box.

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