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The best parts of this show by far are the kids' performances.

(or writes itself entirely, a la the Glee character, Kurt (Chris Colfer)) Rather then man up and tell the kids to their faces who got the boot, Ulrich posts a list and the three each make the solo perp-walk out to check to see if they've been called back or eliminated.As she wheels through the dance floor, she grabs hold of people’s collars to bring them down to her face as she sings. She’s on a different physical level than the rest, but she’s still the strongest personality in the room.Everyone else is in the background dancing their asses off.They’ve had all week to think about it, and it ends up like this: Aylin chooses Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Such a powerful song, always a smart choice. Choosing a song from a musical also fits her perfectly. I just still giggle anytime I hear it, or hear of someone loving it, now. Or maybe it’s just that most things that bring me back to 1997 make me giggle. I care about all of these kids and I can’t believe just one is going to win. Everything about her and this performance sparkles. Everyone hoots and hollers and stands for her at the end. He kept saying before he came onstage that he needed to show Ryan another side of him, something that makes him different, as Ryan himself had been requesting.And they have repeated several times throughout the episode that just one is going to win, so I feel like Ryan Murphy must have gotten enough flack after he chose FOUR winners last year that he’s really going to buckle down this year and just choose one like he’s supposed to. It’s sassy and fun and her voice sounds great; her stage presence is solid. His rendition of “I’ll Be” is good, and he does a little throwing-and-catching of the mic move at the beginning which is quite suave.

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The kids are given homework, a song to sing and choreograph together.

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